Question of the Week #2

Soooo, I’m way late and I have lots to do, so I shouldn’t even be on here, but ANYWAY

Speaking of stress and anxiety (considering the whole BMU has it due to year 12), I was discussing with my Mum how people cope with it. Some people don’t eat, others comfort eat, some people get really fidgeting, some people have problems sleeping and others oversleep! Then there’s those that exercise or listen to music or read to deal with it.

So, the question of the week is how do you deal with stress?

(feel free to give suggestions, because I’m about to have a mental breakdown!!!)


The Abandoned Blog


You might have noticed that no one is updating anymore. There’s a good reason for this. It is because we, the collective BMU team, have entered our final year of high school. Year 12. Senior Year. The Big One. Whatever you want to call it. We’ve reached the end. And the end is SO AMAZINGLY BUSY AND STRESSFUL YOU HAVE NO IDEA… So we haven’t had a lot of time to spend on silly little blogs.

We’re in our third week of having awesome¬†privileges and spare¬†‘study’ time. Which is cool and all, but it also comes with “IF YOU DON’T PASS THIS TEST YOUR LIFE WILL BE OVER!!!!” *cough* sorry…

All of us are sleep-deprived and stressed, so don’t expect lots of updates anytime soon. Also HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!