Typical Christmas for Cruskit.

Hello Children!
Tis the night before Christmas, and al is still. Just kidding, my sister is upstairs having a shower with her music on full blast and my brother is yelling at her because he’s trying to sleep. Typical night in this household.
Anywho, Christmas tomorrow! Yay! I love Christmas!
In my family, everyone comes to our house for lunch which is usually about 15 people and my mum being my mum cooks for about 50… 8D There’s the MASSIVE turkey and gravy and the roast pork – CRACKLE!!, beef or lamb (or both) some chicken, roast potatoes, pumpkin, greens, salads (mum’s potato salad = <3) and bread. That’s only main course, next comes the Christmas pudding, which my aunty makes, BEST EVER!!!! Or course served with cream and custard and icecream and berries and cherries and mince pies.
All my family is there, despite the drama that comes with a family like mine, I love it, it keeps things interesting. Usually it’s some dissatisfaction with presents or unfairness between siblings (there are 4 of us), who’s doing the washing up and most years, my sister getting upset at my Grandpa when he leaves early to have dinner with friends. Probably because everyone has bee drinking and emotions are high, but oh well.
And the presents, don’t forget the presents. Santa ❤

So that’s pretty much why I love Christmas, being unreligious Jesus has nothing to do with it, he’s just some guy who started it. Christmas is a time for my family to be all together and for us all to eat a shit load of awesome food.

Great day to look forward to tomorrow, after a week of running aroumd the city looking for presents, baking mince pies, working in a fish n’ chip shop (gosh do I smell beautiful after a shift there), seeing friends and playing Zelda. 🙂
I’ll try to write more blogs! Not that anything I do is very interesting but it will keep me occupied.

I’m sorry.
That was inappropriate.
I love you.
Don’t take it the wrong way.
Not that I wan’t to be in a relationship with you or anything but you know I think you’re really cool and we should hang out sometime.
I mean.