France (south)

I’m back to my travel posts~! 😀

This time, I’m doing southern France, so around Nice and including a few pictures and notes about Èze, St. Tropez, Cannes [obviously known for the Cannes Festival] and Grasse, all of which are part of the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur).

Here’s a map of the French Riviera  [cr. Wikipedia]

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Malaysia (food)

So, I know I should make a proper one, AND I WILL, but I don’t have the photos on my computer (wayyyyy too much memory, so they’re on an external hard-drive) but, BMU has been dead the past few days, so here I’ll do a mini post of:

*drum roll* Malaysia’s food!!!

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Monaco, Europe


So, even though I have a SAC tomorrow, I’m actually finding that I really enjoy making these kind of posts (as I discover wordpress hahaha) and, since I have the motivation to, I’m going to post more ^^

Today I’ll be talking about the Monaco (the smallest country in the world besides the Vatican City XD)

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Bolivia (intro)

So… I just figured out that maybe, for next time, I’ll include a little introduction to each country before going into my own travels and putting in pictures and so on

SO, I’ll just make a second post for Bolivia for now, and include an introduction next time, since it’s a little late hahaha

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Bolivia, South America

hello hello~

I’ve been nudged by Helix and Vine to actually contibute to this blog, and I think I’ll help out in the travel section, since I do travel quite a bit and can actually post something

Before I begin: I’m going by the net-name ennie ^^

I’ll be posting a few pictures on a different country, maybe once a month or something? I won’t set myself to a constant date yet, but I’ll try none the less 😀

Without further ado, today’s country is BOLIVIA, South America

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